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January 21, 2004

Mix CD Starting Kit

Posted by Ernest Miller

Now this is cool marketing: Diesel Mix CD Starting Kit.

Mix CDs are fun! Take them with you! Trade them! Impress your friends! To help you satisfy your 'mix fix,' Diesel and Insound have put together a 'Mix CD Starter Kit.' When you spend $25 or more from Insound you get an adorable CD-R in your order to start your mix CD. In case you're having trouble finding the right songs to include on your CD, don't worry. We've got the best new music here on this very page. Songs perfect for first crushes, breakups, lonely hearts, friendships, Bar Mitzvahs. We've got it all. So, simply check out the newest MP3s on this page and start making your playlist. When you're ready, you put your CD-R into your computer, burn your tracks to the disc and you can start impressing people with your good taste. Check back here each month for new music and simply spend $25 to get the free CD-R. It's very cute and pretty fancy.

Check out photos of the kit here: Outside and Inside.

via Not Quite a Blog

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1. Joe on January 24, 2004 11:03 AM writes...

Well, Ernie... it's sure interesting to see that someone has the patience to aggregate me! I hadn't looked at the Diesel site until I saw this! (btw, I haven't ever messed with trackbacks... but would ping you if I did)

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