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August 06, 2004

News Should be Objective and Impartial According to Our Standards - US Lawmakers Threaten First Amendment Rights

Posted by Ernest Miller

Jeff Jarvis points out where government censorship, such as the indecency enforcement of the FCC, inevitably leads: calls to regulate the news to be "unbiased, impartial and objective" (Unfair and unbalanced). Read Jarvis' acid words and the UPI report on the Congressional threats against the First Amendment (Dem lawmakers say Fox News is unbalanced):

Several members of Congress sent a letter Tuesday to Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, to express their opposition to what they say is the network's "unfair and unbalanced" bias towards the Republican Party.

The group, composed of 38 Democrats and Independents from the U.S. House of Representatives, has requested that Murdoch meet with them to discuss their concerns....

"It seems clear that Fox News network has a deliberate bias in favor of, and often serves as an extension of, the Republican Party's policies and ideology."....

A spokesman for Rep. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said there were legislative avenues that the group could pursue as a secondary measure but declined to speculate on what those might be.

Have these legislators no shame?

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1. Alexander Wehr on August 6, 2004 09:08 PM writes...

"US Lawmakers Threaten First Amendment Rights"

what is an amendment? i really want to know.. i've never seen any "amendments" observed anywhere.

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2. Eric Maring on August 13, 2004 05:33 AM writes...

I don't believe they have the audacity to attack the Fox News Channel about being biased towards the Republican party, take an unbiased (if possible) look at the other networks and tell me they don't have a Democratic bias in their reporting methods. Even the major nationally known newspapers all seem to have Democratic editors in charge. Most of the news I see or read is about attacking the Republicans. Even during the time while Clinton was in office, I saw more attacks on the Republicans than the Democratic nincompoop that was running this country into the ground.

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