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June 15, 2005

21 iTunes per iPod

Posted by Ernest Miller

Downhill Battle provides a very telling number in the copyfight: there have been 60 million iTunes sold and 2.9 million iPods, which means there are on average, to a rough approximation, 21 iTunes per iPod (iTunes per iPod). As the page points out, this is is only 0.7% of the capacity of a 3,000 song iPod. Where are the rest of those songs coming from?

This is a point I've made before (Why the ala Carte Music Model is Doomed).

It costs $499 to buy a new 40G iPod.
It costs $10,730 to fill it with songs purchased online at 99 cents each.
The solution? Voluntary Collective Licensing. Downhill Battle endorses EFF's proposal: A Better Way Forward: Voluntary Collective Licensing of Music File Sharing. I mostly agree with it, but have a number of criticisms: Thoughts on the EFF P2P Solution White Paper.

via BoingBoing

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1. joe on June 15, 2005 11:46 AM writes...

Well, if a comparison to the EU would suffice for all iPod owners, it might be a good idea to look at the INDICARE survey (~5000 respondents). I have a copy of the survey text here (7MB).

Take this result for example in fig 3.1 from that report:

It says that the majority of digital music files on European's computers are from their own CDs, CDs of friends and then p2p networks (as well as music related web sites and messages from friends). Online or mobile music stores and subscription services are dead last.

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2. Crosbie Fitch on June 15, 2005 03:28 PM writes...

There's another little 'astounding revelation' to be made in your figures...

If there are 2.9 million iPods, and 10% of their owners eventually procure a particular, pleasant tune, are you sure $290,000 is an equitable reward?

Who determines the price eh?

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3. Jeff on June 16, 2005 04:02 PM writes...

My iPod mini is *full* and I have not bought a single song from the iTMS - I do, however, have more than 10GIG of music ripped from the CD's on my shelves.

I'm assuming that most iPod owners, like me, didn't buy an iPod as a stylish paper weight, then suddenly realise "Hey, there's music out there in the world I can get, now that I bought this iPod".

Far more sensibly, it was "I have all this music already, how can I take it with me?"

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