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June 28, 2005

Welcome to Future Tense

Posted by Ernest Miller

Corante launches a new group blog today: Future Tense

Read the introductory post: Welcome to Future Tense

Future Tense is about the trends and pressures that are forcing employers to change the way they think about the workplace. We'll be discussing management practices and collaborative tools, innovation and motivation, architecture, distributed work, mobility and gradual retirement. We will track how traditional hierarchies are breaking down and what is rising to replace them. Our goal is to look into the near future and provide useful information, case studies and interviews with leading thinkers. By identifying and discussing the multitude of trends that are reshaping work as we know it, we hope to provide a valuable resource to the people who are leading the way forward.

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1. joe on June 28, 2005 06:16 PM writes...

Small collision here... Jon Gordon does a very cool tech-related podcast/radio show called the same (Future Tense):

Hopefully, there will be no collisions between you two... his is trademarked. (IANALS)

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