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March 19, 2006

Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 18

Posted by Ernest Miller

Yesterday, we worked on the prep for our class buffet (Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 17). Today, we actually served the buffet:

  • St. Louis Ribs
  • Santa Maria Tri-Tip
  • Barbecued Baked Beans
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Country Onion Rings
  • Hush Puppies
  • Carnitas
  • Guacamole
  • Refried Beans
  • Salsa Verde [recipe]
  • Mexican Style Rice
Class started at 6am, as usual, and the buffet didn't actually start until 8:30am, which gave us plenty of time to finish final preps such as cooking the meat, frying the hushpuppies, baking the macaroni and cheese, etc.

Since my dish, salsa verde [recipe] didn't require any more prep except for some final seasoning and plating (put it in a bowl with a spoon and sprinkle some cilantro leaves on top), I spent most of the time setting up the dining room, putting plastic utensils and napkins in wicker baskets, making the little signs for the dishes, getting the fuel canisters for the warming trays, etc.

Everything seemed to go fairly smoothly, as far as I can tell. The class seemed much more organized and comfortable with everything compared to the buffet from Course I (Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 19).

Main Buffet Line Main Buffet Line
Secondary Buffet Line Secondary Buffet Line
Arturo Carving the Santa Maria Tri-Tip Arturo Carving the Santa Maria Tri-Tip
Dani, Robin, Manuel, Joe (l-r) Dani, Robin, Manuel, Joe
Natalie, Saul, Rose (l-r) Natalie, Saul, Rose
Serving_the_Men_in_Blue_Small.JPG Serving the Men in Blue

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