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July 13, 2005

PBS's Web-Only Nerd TV to Launch in September Under Creative Commons License

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Posted by Ernest Miller

Lost Remote, among many others, reports that PBS will be making one its shows available solely on the internet under a Creative Commons license (PBS Launches 'a Whole New Kind of Television'). The show, to be hosted by Robert X. Cringely, will be called Nerd TV (Pioneering Another Technology First, PBS Launches NerdTV, the First Downloadable Web-Exclusive Series From a Major Broadcaster).

This is very good news. If PBS doesn't make an RSS broadcatch available, it is likely that someone else will, hopefully, breaking the show down into individual segments.

This is still niche content for an undeveloped market, however, so I doubt the audience will be particularly large. When will we see the hardware that will make subscribing to these sorts of shows easy for the average consumer?

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July 06, 2005