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Ernest Miller Ernest Miller pursues research and writing on cyberlaw, intellectual property, and First Amendment issues. Mr. Miller attended the U.S. Naval Academy before attending Yale Law School, where he was president and co-founder of the Law and Technology Society, and founded the technology law and policy news site LawMeme. He is a fellow of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Ernest Miller's blog postings can also be found @

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The Importance of...

Date Index
April 2006
23: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 23
23: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 22
20: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 21

March 2006
20: Kitchen Academy - The Hollywood Cookbook and Guest Chef Michael Montilla - March 18th
19: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 20
19: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 19
19: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 18
16: Salsa Verde
16: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 17
16: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 16
16: Kitchen Academy - Hosting Explore-A-Story - March 12th
15: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 15
14: Mango Chutney
14: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 14
14: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 13
09: Sauce Ravigote
09: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 12
06: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 11
06: Catering the Academy Award's Governors Ball with Wolfgang Puck - March 5th
05: Kitchen Academy - Consumer Education March 4th
05: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 10
04: Catering the Academy Award's Governors Ball with Wolfgang Puck - March 2nd
04: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 9
04: Wolfgang Puck's Smoked Salmon Pizza With Dill Creme Fraiche and Caviar
04: Catering the Academy Award's Governors Ball with Wolfgang Puck - March 1st
03: Tropical Fruit Salsa
03: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 8
03: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 7

February 2006
27: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 6
26: Kitchen Academy - Consumer Education Feb 25
26: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 5
23: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 4
22: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 3
22: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 2
20: Kitchen Academy - Course II - Day 1
19: Potato Crusted Tilapia with Wilted Garlic Spinach and Pear Tomato Vinaigrette
19: Kitchen Academy - Feb 18 - Guest Chef Demo by Michael Montilla
19: Kitchen Academy - Feb 17 - Ellen DeGeneres Visits
19: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 30
16: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 29
16: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 28
14: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 27
13: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 26
12: Kitchen Academy - Consumer Education Feb 11
12: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 25
09: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 24
09: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 23
07: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 22
06: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 21
05: Kitchen Academy - Guest Chef Scott Sayre
05: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 20
02: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 19
01: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 18

January 2006
31: Notes, Hints and Tips for Kitchen Academy Students - Course I - Midterm
31: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 17
30: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 16
30: Kitchen Academy - Consumer Education Jan 28 - A Day in the Life - Curious George Premier
27: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 15
26: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 14
25: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 13
24: Consumer Classes at Kitchen Academy
24: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 12
23: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 11
22: Kitchen Academy - Consumer Education and a Guest Chef Demo
20: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 10
19: Free Food at Kitchen Academy - Feb 1st, 2nd, 3rd
19: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 9
18: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 8
17: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 7
16: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 6
16: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 5
12: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 4
11: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 3
10: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 2
10: Kitchen Academy - Course I - Day 1
10: A Little About Kitchen Academy
10: And Now, For Something Completely Different

July 2005
19: Wayback DMCA Violations
13: Drew Clark's Spectrum Wars Now Online
13: PBS's Web-Only Nerd TV to Launch in September Under Creative Commons License
13: Geist Savages the Harry Potter Injunction Some More
13: Coca Cola Threatening Lawsuit Against Political Art
13: Today in History - July 13
12: Divorce and Virtual Worlds
12: Today in History - July 12
11: Open Access to Window's Anti-Spyware Lists Recommended
11: Ludicrous Copyright Response Letters
11: CoCo on German Copyright Decisions
11: Fair Use of Citizen Journalism Photos by Big Media
11: Today in History - July 11
11: Anti-Spoofing Technologies and Grokster
11: BBC Blasted for Making Music Freely Available
08: Out of Town
08: Netflix in Another Indie Film Distribution Deal - Where is Netflix for the Internet?
08: Today in History - July 8
07: Prediction: No Lawsuit Against Slingbox
07: Senior Fellow for Progress and Freedom Foundation Defends Comparison of Alternative Compensation Schemes to Slave Labor Prison Camps
07: Senate Hearings on Grokster Decision
07: Today in History - July 7
06: Opera Browser Embeds BitTorrent Functionality
06: Man vs. Machine on the Chess Board: Computers Victorious
06: EFF Adds Labor Law Section to its Legal Guide for Bloggers
06: Samuelson on Grokster
06: Stifling Innovation Not Working Out Well for Cellular Providers
06: Podcasting for the XBox 360?
06: The New Blue Book
06: Interesting Use for RFID in Bike Parking Lots in Japan
06: Von Lohmann on 17 USC 115 Reform
06: Senior Fellow for Progress and Freedom Foundation Compares Alternative Compensation Schemes to Forced Labor Prison Camps
06: Introducing the Spoken Alexandria Project
06: Today in History - July 6
06: Euro Software Patents are Dead
05: Chilling Effects from a Privacy/Security Bill?
05: Today in History - July 5
05: Meta Grokster Roundup
04: WikiHow Responds to Criticism - Goes Creative Commons
04: Fourth of July Links
04: Goldman on Click Fraud
04: 'The United States Themselves Are Essentially The Greatest Poem'
04: Visions of the Future from AOL Circa 1995
04: Om Malik on RSS Spam
04: German Publisher's Group Pushing to Poison DNS
04: Experiments in Newspaper/Blog Hybrids
04: The Marginality of Blogging
04: July 4 Grokster Roundup
04: Profile of a Trademark Abuser
04: Today in History - July 4
03: No News is Good News
03: Defending the Commons in India
03: Goldman on Recent DOJ Warez Group Busts
03: Subscription-Based Advertsing
03: More Crawford's Notes on the History of Telephony
03: $1 Public Domain DVDs in the NY Times
03: Media Server for TiVo
03: Capturing Audio by the Ton
03: Today in History - July 3
02: First it was Box Office, Now DVD Sales Slumping Too?
02: Hodder: Grokster Victory in 5-8 Years
02: Apple Plugging Trade Secret Leaks?
02: Trust Me?
02: Lack of Broadcast Flag Hurts Emergency Alert System?
02: Today in History - July 2
02: Thanks, JD
02: Has Apple Got the Podcasting Tiger by the Tail?
01: What happens when we become the media?
01: Eldred Begat Grokster
01: What the Hell is Wrong with HealthSpace Cleveland?
01: RSS for Marketing - Lots of Innovative Potential
01: Today in History - July 1 - Special Canada Day Edition
01: 2nd Cir. - Elements of Halloween Costumes May Be Copyrightable
01: Froomkin on US Announcing it Will Retain Control of DNS

June 2005
30: New England Cable Requests Viewers' Videos for Broadcast and Posting on the 'Net
30: Today in History - June 30
30: Felten on GAO's P2P Filtering and Porn Report
29: Bram Cohen: My Activist's Manifesto is a Parody!
29: EFF Files Trademark Lawsuit for Use of Trademark in Magazine Name
29: Today in History - June 29
29: Day Three of the Grokster Era
29: Time Magazine: Then and Now
29: If Violent Videogames Cause Violence, Where's the Crime Wave?
28: Grokster and darknet companies
28: BitTorrent and Grokster: How Much Intent Does it Take?
28: When U Beats 1-800-Contacts
28: iTunes 4.9 - Now with Podcasting
28: Welcome to Future Tense
28: The Day After: Grokster Roundup
28: Grokster and Open Source: Will Open Source Force the Court to Confront Sony?
28: The Importance of ... Law and IT: MGM v. Grokster
28: Kicking the Sony Can Down the Road
27: Some Notes on Grokster
27: Grokster open thread: Your views
27: Grokster: Theory and practice
27: Questions for Podcast on Grokster Decision
27: Notes on RIAA and MPAA Press Conference
27: Notes on Pro-Grokster Press Conference
27: Wall Street Journal Roundtable on Grokster
27: Grokster Loses - Unanimously - Inducement Test?
27: Court Overturns Ninth Cir., Upholds FCC Ruling in Brand X Case
27: Where I'll Be Reading About Grokster and Brand X
26: Non-Discrimination in 17 USC 115 Reform
26: More Pre-Grokster Commentary
26: Today in History - June 26
25: Implications of the Power Law for Grokster 'Punditry'
25: WKRN-TV Gets It, They Really Get It
25: Open(x2) Letter to the Editors of the LA Times on Wikitorials
25: Gratz on Lessig on 17 USC 115 Reform
25: A Slew of Articles from INDICARE
25: Fred's Friendly Fathomable Guide to the Grokster Decision
25: Today in History - June 25
25: Hacking the Anti-Flag Burning Amendment
25: RIAA: Efficiency Increases, Must Be Due to Pirates
25: What Advertisers Fear: Deliberate Inattention
24: Goldman on Copynorms: Is Infringement Theft?
24: Crawford's Notes on the History of Telephony
24: Five Unintended Consequences of Podcasting
24: Seventh Cir. Decides Against Student Newspaper's Freedom of Speech
24: EEJD Roundup on Community Broadband Act of 2005
24: A Vision of PR's Future
24: Pre-Grokster Weekend Reading
24: EFF on 18 USC 2257
24: Enforcement of 18 USC 2257 Held in Abeyance
24: Give Michael Kinsley YOUR Answers
24: Window Into a Virtual World
24: Lessig on the Proposed 17 USC 115 Reform
24: Doctorow on Feinstein on the Broadcast Flag
24: 100th Anniversary of Pittsburgh's First Movie Theater
24: Grokster + Brand X = Issues of Openness? It's All About the Distribution, Baby!
24: Democratizing Video Distribution with DVDs
24: Clearing Rights for a Mad Hot Documentary
24: Reason's Nick Gillespie on the Copyfight
24: Meta-Meta-Meta-Grokster
24: Broadcast Flag Threat Greatly Diminished, For Now
23: Study: PVRs in 50% of US Homes in 2009
23: Clear Channel to Launch 30 Podcasts
23: Closed Satellite Networks
23: Creative Commons and the Videogame Webcomic
23: Through the Looking Glass with the MPAA
23: Evolutionary Reasoning
23: Why 18 USC 2257 is a Bad Thing - Handily Illustrated with Stick Figures
23: Duty to Prevent Disclosure of Metadata
23: Audible Magic's Security Through Obscurity Critized
23: FTC Report on P2P Workshop
23: Slater on Mercora's Legal Hacks
23: 18 USC 2257 Anti-Porn Regs Go Into Effect
23: Never Trust Anyone Who Says 'Trust Me'
23: Grokster: The Waiting is the Hardest Part
23: Summary and Analysis of the Proposed 21st Century Music Licensing Reform Act
23: Gartenberg Responds on eBook DRM and Potential DMCA Violations
23: Today in History - June 23
23: Analysis of the Market for Law Professors
23: Mighty Talented Legal Academics to Blog Grokster, Brand X Decisions
22: The State of Movie Copyright Infringement in Nairobi
22: How Not to Advertise to J. Bradford DeLong
22: A Handful of Wikitorial Posts
22: UK Parents Ignore Videogame Ratings
22: Forget Grokster? A Recording Industry Bombshell from the Copyright Office
22: EFF Update on Broadcast Flag
22: A Loss of Order
22: How to Ensure More American Flags Are Burned
22: A Dirge for Real
22: INDICARE on Subscription vs. Download
22: Templeton on the Storage Box in the Closet
22: California Bill Would Regulate Gov't Use of RFID
22: Broadcast Flag Hasn't Snuck In Yet - Danger Hasn't Passed Though
22: Cory Doctorow's Latest Novel Available for Free Download
22: Listening to Radio On Your Cellphone
21: Thierer on Big Media
21: CoCo on 18 USC 2257
21: Beware the Blogarazzi
21: EEJD on Grokster's Middle Ground
21: Point and Snap Advertising
21: The Daily Patry - Independent Creation
21: Happy 20th Birthday Nick at Night! Hope You Don't Have Too Many More
21: More Details on Latest CD DRM
21: DRM Proponent Fed Up With DRM - Violates DMCA
21: Report: Extensive Internet Censorship in Iran
21: Freakonomics Meets P2P
21: Jack St. Clair Kilby, Inventor of Integrated Circuit, Dies
21: Why Store All That Data Just So It Can Be Stolen?
21: Copyright Lawsuit Over 'Zoom'
21: Blast from the Microsoft Antitrust Trial Past
21: Seth F on Blizzard v. BnetD Oral Argument
21: Journalists Use Blogs, Don't Trust Them
21: A Typical Joe on the Future of TV
21: TV Producer Gets Paid for Product Placement, Not Network
21: Die Cellphone. Die! Die! Die!
21: SF Gate Starts 'Culture Blog'
21: DRM Mucking Things Up
20: Wikitorial Post Mortem
20: No Trademark for Clear Containers?
20: Waiting for Grokster
20: Download the Blizzard v. BNETD Oral Argument
20: Study: DRM to Be Booming Business
20: Study Looks at US Attitudes Toward Filesharing
20: Kiss Me, I'm an Avatar
20: Geist on Canada's New Copyright Bill
20: Sen. Schumer Wants to Block Sales of Violent Videogame '25 to Life'
20: Howell Explores Grokster's Potential Outcomes
20: Blawger/Blogger Lunch in SoCal
20: Hollywood Smashes Piñata - No Candy, Only Lawsuits Fall Out
20: Broadcast Flag to Sneak Through Senate Tomorrow?!?
20: Global UCITA?
20: Expertise in Tween Girls Questioned
20: Report on Oral Argument in Blizzard v. BNETD Case
20: DVD Format Wars in the NY Times
20: Marybeth Peters to Testify on Music Licensing Reform
20: Godwin Laments the Limited Scope of the Original Godwin's Law
20: Violating the DMCA to Make Home Movies
20: Amazons 'Copy Protected CD' Label Not Good Enough Says CoCo Blog
20: Video or Text?
20: Free the David
20: Hey, That's My Handbag (Design)!
20: Entire Recording Industry Prepares Concerted Response to Grokster Decision
20: Canadian Politicians Answer Questions on Copyright
20: What Should the Purpose of Public Broadcasting Be?
20: Supreme Court to Hear Patent Tying Case
20: No Decision in Grokster, Brand X Today
20: Patry on the More Discerning Observer Test
20: Oral Arguments in Blizzard v. BNETD
19: Grokster Predictions
19: Winning on Appeal in the Court of News Judgement
19: The Darknet Dance
19: Investment Horizons for Copyright
19: Mixtapes, Playlists, Culture
19: LA Times Wikitorial Has Left the Building (For Now)
18: Podcast Games
18: LA Times Wikitorials - One Day Later
18: Getting Municipalities to Approve IPTV
18: More on the FCC's VoIP and E911 Order
18: History of the Starbucks Siren
17: Licensed Goldfish
17: Speeding Up and Scanning Podcasts
17: More on Wikitorials
17: Letter Sent to Congress Opposing Broadcast Flag
17: Lawsuits Against Blogspam
17: WIRED on Anti-Pornography Regulation
17: LA Times Wikitorial Experiment Begins
17: The Patry Copyright Class Continues
17: Warner Bros. Demands Dutch ISPs Violate User Privacy in Order to Get Licensing Deals
17: Microsoft on Chinese Censorship: We Censor in the US Too!
17: Ask Nicely and They'll Tell You How to Bypass Their DRM
16: Birthday Cakes are Nature's Way of Telling Us to Reform Copyright
16: Switch to DTV Causing TV Manufacturers to Remove Tuners Altogether
16: Goldman on Grokster
16: Google Print: Not About Reading Books
16: Moderate SoCal Earthquake
16: DRM Proponent Frustrated by DRM, Again
16: Murdoch to Buy and Give Away 20 Million DVRs
16: Music: Rent or Buy? The Ongoing Debate
16: Trademark Problems for Firefox?
16: Due Diligence and Google
16: Record Labels Fear Apple's Lock-In?
16: Record Companies Intend to Make Criminals of Us All
16: Clear Channel Reveals Own Weaknesses
16: Macrovision's Magical DRM that Drastically Reduces P2P Distribution
16: Mark Cuban Has Questions About the Macrovision DMCA Lawsuit
15: Macrovision Invokes DMCA for Analog Copy-Protection Technology
15: Rush Limbaugh: Licensing Holding Podcasting Back
15: Technology Companies' Commitment to Freedom
15: MPAA to Name HQ After Jack Valenti
15: Reporters Without Borders: PressThink One of Best Blogs Defending Freedom of Expression
15: Scriban: Big Content is a Cancer on Innovation
15: And They Get Well-Paid for Writing this Stuff
15: Where's the Guarantee on Schiff's Editorial?
15: Pre-Grokster Decision Spin
15: Australian Federal Court Justice Rips Copyright Term Extension
15: GAO Issues Testimony Regarding Int'l IP Enforcement
15: Public Knowledge: Set Hard Date for Transfer of DTV Spectrum
15: Barnett Blogs the AALS Contracts Conference
15: Yesterday Was Flag Day, Today is Anti-Flag Burning Amendment Day
15: Yes, Google is a 'Media Company'. So What?
15: 21 iTunes per iPod
15: Fact or Fiction, Wikipedia or Books?
15: Yet Another Alarmist Article About Employees Stealing Corporate Data - This Time It's iPods
14: Podcasting and Profanity
14: Sex Mini-Game in Grand Theft Auto
14: Balance the Broadcast Flag with DMCA Reform?
14: Darknet Excerpt: The Future of DRM
14: The Next Big Thing is the Thing that Makes the Last Thing Usable
14: Flag Day
14: MacKinnon on Corporate Support for Chinese Censorship
14: I'm Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That.
14: EFF's Legal Guide for Bloggers
14: Gov't Support for Media Discussed
14: Korea to Require All Video Be Rated Before Distribution Via Internet
14: French ISPs Ordered to Block Holocaust Denying Website
13: Geist on Motivations for Copyright Reform in Canada
13: McCullagh and Homsi on DRM Laws
13: Even Copyright Infringing Spammers Deserve Free Speech Protections
13: WalMart to Put a Fork in Pre-Recorded VHS, 'It's Done'
13: Virtual Reality Weapons
13: Split-Screen Commercials to Beat TiVo's Fast Forward Button
13: Institutional Press Afraid to Stand Up Against Trade Secret Law
13: Social Networking Software: Not Even Close
13: What are the Democrats Thinking?
13: Average Size of Shared Files Nearly Triples Since 2002
13: Beastie Boys Sampling Infringement Case Ends
13: Congressman Opposing Municiple Telecom Will Benefit Financially
13: Intelligent Design: It's Not Just for Biology Anymore
13: Forbes.com Doing Very Well Under Free Model
13: DRM Holding Back 'Connected Home' Consumer Electronics Market
13: Google Map Hacks Taking Off
13: More on the LA Times' Wikitorial
12: The Anti-Lockin List
12: Copyright Infringement is Like Starving a Giant Tamagotchi
12: GPS for the News
12: Joe Gratz Enjoys Copyright Infringement
12: Wikitorials: A Dubious Idea from the LA Times
12: Brief Interview with David Nimmer
12: Earthquake in SoCal
12: NYT: Hacking is Good
11: What the Long Tail Ain't
11: Trip the E911 Fantastic
11: Doug Englebert's Design Philosophy Still Relevant
11: Joi Ito on the Emperor in Japanese Culture
11: Godwin: Microsoft's Halo Deal is Business as Usual
11: Citizen of Nowhere
10: 463 Communications Looks at CDT's Copyright Policy Paper
10: DRM and Lock-In: Apple vs. Microsoft
10: Raff Videoblogs an FCC Indecency Decision
10: I Believe: The Tools, They're Out There
10: Free Software Foundation Announces Goals of Revision of GPL to Version 3.0
10: Denise Re: Copyright Reform and Participatory Law
10: Free Riding and BitTorrent
10: Drug Patent Suspension
10: Why Didn't Someone Think of this When the Backstreet Boys Were All the Rage?
10: First Apple ][ Shipped 28 Years Ago
10: Irony, Thy Name is Warhol
10: Too Many Competing Interests for Monolithic DRM to be Successful
10: Freedom to Tinker Book Club Kicks Off
10: Who Wouldn't Want to be Pre-Breakup AT&T
10: EFF Issues Report on How Colleges Can Respond to Filesharing
10: Brazil Threatens to Ignore US IP Rights
09: Crawford on Utah Anti-Censorship Lawsuit
09: The Grateful Dead and Fair Use (And It's Not About the Music)
09: The Real Reason Apple is Suing Rumor Sites?
09: Die Network. Die! Die! Die!
09: Wikipedia, Astroturf, and Reputation Hacks
09: Some Ironies of Our Telecomm Regulatory Structure
09: Engadget: RIP DVD Decrypter
09: Granick Wants to Know Top Ten Legal Questions for Hackers
09: June 9, 1790 - First Book Copyrighted in US - The Philadelphia Spelling Book
09: Re: iPods Re: Australian Law
09: Samuelson's Berkeley Students Offer Potential Solutions for 'the P2P Problem'
09: Darknet's Jack Valenti Interview
09: Why Not DRM and DMCA for Everything?
09: Utah ACLU Takes On Yet Another Anti-Porn Law
09: Three Anti-Cable Censorship Op-Eds
09: Patry on Termination in Copyright
09: Warner Offers Carrot to DVD Viewers in China
08: Pharmaceutical Patent Law Boardgame, No, Seriously
08: Virtual Evolution in Second Life
08: Innovation and Design: One Can Only Predict Use
08: Patent Reform Act of 2005 Introduced
08: Janice Brown Appointed to DC Circuit Court of Appeals
08: The Spread of Creative Commons
08: Google to Create 3D Maps of Cities
08: Two Positive Reviews of CDT's Report
08: Re: Marty Re: Dennis Re: iPods
08: Quality v. Connectivity
08: GPS Cellphone Nag-igation
08: A Child's Phone That Actually Works
08: A Long Tail of Surveillance?
08: Lessig on the Open Access Law Program
08: Rex Hammock: Apple Will Simplify Podcasting
08: Copyright North of the Border
08: Jack and the Music Future
08: How to Avoid the Upgrade into HD DRM Trap
08: Apple as Media Platform Company
08: It's a Seller's Market in Attention
08: Felten on CDT's Report
08: 30th Anniversary of the Consumer VCR Yesterday
08: Nearly Disposable Videocamera
07: DOJ Busts X-Box Modders for DMCA Violations
07: Malik: Phone Companies Need to Think Different, Not Simply Complain to Congress
07: Why Not a Politically Incorrect Top Level Domain
07: Flash: From SWF to Video
07: Protect Your Privacy, Protect Your Wallet
07: Slater on Mercora's New Web-Based Search
07: I Don't Have a Clue
07: CDT's 'Balanced Framework' for Copyright Completely Unbalanced
07: Who Leaked the Apple+Intel News?
07: Equitable Estoppel Successfully Used as Defense in Copyright Case
07: Broadcasters Face Uphill Struggle
07: Violence in Videogames: A Debate
07: No Surprise: Censorship Groups Not Happy With ".XXX"
07: Good Question for Cell Phone Company
07: Darknet Foreward
07: In Search Of: A Positive Agenda for the Copyfight
07: More Copyright Photo Inanity
07: More No Personal Use Exemption Copyright Inanity
07: Do Copyrighted Wedding Photos Even Make Sense?
07: A Reply to Dennis Kennedy, Michael Madison and Marty Schwimmer on iPods, Distribution and Copyright
07: Cutting Edge Legal Research
07: Does It Make Sense to Hold WalMart Responsible for Reproducing Photos its Customers Want Copied?
07: JD Lasica Guest Blogging on Copyfight
07: Open Access Law Project Launches
06: The Case Against the Luddites
06: Fair Use and the DVD Fan Audio Commentary
06: Same Day Apple Special
06: Newspaper Opinion = Protected: Blogger Opinion = Activism, Not Protected
06: Supreme Court Rejects Lexmark's DMCA Appeal
06: More on "Restricted Use" vs. "License"
06: California's Anti-Violent Videogame Bill Stalls
06: DRM: Add On or Integral Part?
06: Distinguishing IPTV From Internet TV
05: Patry: Bridgeport Music Wrongly Decided
05: UK to Extend Copyright for Pop Songs
05: Where Are We in the 'DVD Replacement Cycle'?
05: Apple + Intel: Where's the Lawsuit Against C|Net?
05: Why .xxx When ICANN Continues TLD Scarcity?
05: Apple + Intel = Trusted Computing?
05: Journalism's Coming Age of Enlightenment
05: Last Post +1: SF Chronicle on Star Trek / Pedophilia Connection
05: Warner Music Implies iTunes and Listen.com Guilty of Massive, Ongoing, Criminal Copyright Violations
04: South Korea Hack All About the Games
04: Put Any MP3 on the Net Into a Personal Podcast
04: Television News Cameraman Sees Rapid Change Thanks to Citizens Media
04: Hosting Company Shuts Down Legitimate BitTorrent
03: Sharing With Friends, Not Strangers
03: FCC Issues E911 for VoIP Order, Pulver Comments
03: WikiHow - Thanks, But No Thanks
03: 6th Cir. Reaffirms - No De Minimis Defense in Copying Sound Recordings
03: ICANN Doesn't Censor, Governments Do
03: Continue the Discussion About Copyright Leakage on Copyfight
03: Independent Record Companies Appreciate P2P
03: Waiting for Grokster
03: Licensed Music May Backfire on Recording Company
03: Freedom to Tinker Launches Book Club With Lessig's Code
03: Mossberg: Cellphone Companies Are New Soviet Ministries
03: Die Channel. Die! Die! Die!
02: Rush Limbaugh to Launch Podcast on June 3rd - No Music Though
02: Copyright Leakage Convinces Labels to Make Most of Their Libraries
02: Company Adopts Podcasting for Internal Communication with Sales Force
02: Will Digital Overlays Blind Us?
02: Prof. Ghosh Predicts Grokster Win
02: Judge Patel Dismisses One Direct Infringement Theory, But Napster Investment Case Continues
02: Internet Video Not the Same Thing as a Movie Screen Says Cinemaphile
02: Podcasts for Congress: Good Idea or Premature?
02: Podcasts Open the Door for More Audio Content
01: Patent Reform Library
01: Review: Akimbo's Internet TV Stinks
01: Rental Nation Deja Vu
01: The Benefits of Copyright Leakage
01: ICANN Approves '.xxx' Top Level Domain
01: Hollywood Could Help Fight Child Porn, But They Don't
01: 30-Minute Television Shows to be a Thing of the Past
01: More on MPAA-Funded Police Surveillance Cameras
01: Public Good Problem Overestimated, Rent Seeking Underestimated
01: Rights and Int'l Law
01: Good News on Broadcast Flag in DTV Bill
01: Overview of China's Internet Censorship
01: Google, Wikipedia and Podcasting
01: Freedom to Tinker's Wiki-Friendly Book Club
01: Yet Another CD DRM Attempt - Yawn
01: Bertelsmann Set to Launch New Circular Rolling Device
01: A Technological History of Music
01: Gatekeeping on Mobile Phones

May 2005
31: The Golden Age of Telecom: 1950-1980
31: Patry on the Supreme Court and Sony
31: Lessig on Amateurs and Professionals
31: FCC Chairman's Number 1 Priority
31: The Broadcast Machine at Berkman
31: Reports of the Death of the Golden Goose are Greatly Exaggerated
31: What!? I'm Part of a Business?
31: Felten on Dissecting the Witty Worm
31: MPAA Paying for Police Surveillance Cameras in LA
31: Broadcatch/Podcast for the PSP
31: Whiny Bruins Have a Point
31: Airlines and Record Companies - Think of the Synergy!
31: Telcos Will Have to Fight to Provide TV in Texas
31: Cellphone Hard Drives Taking Off
31: Report: Diebold Opti-Scan Voting Machines Easily Hackable
31: Unrated DVDs Outsell Theatrical Version
30: Illinois Lawmakers Pass Anti-Violent Videogame Law - Awaits Governor's Signature
30: Darknet Series Continues
30: PSP Phone?
30: Another Service to Sell RSS Feeds
30: Put Down that UK Edition Harry Potter and Step Away Slowly
30: $100 Laptops for the Third World
30: Podcasts for Congress: A 'Capitol' Idea
30: Backup or 'Hostage' Cellphones
30: Cellphone Videogame Glut
30: Let Howard Stern Pick Your Music
30: The Deer Have Guns and the Hunters Are Getting a Makeover
30: Call Me Candide
30: TiVo-like Devices for Radio Raise Violate Terms of Service
30: Yahoo! Music Hacked Already?
30: Grumet on the Next iPodder Version
30: Hopefully the Last Post on the Star Trek/Pedophilia Connection
30: More on TV Station News and Podcasts
30: China's Censorship of Books Backfires
30: Feeling Guilty About Free-Riding
30: Copyright and Aliens
30: FCC's Violence Report Likely Months Away
30: Memorial Day - Semper Fidelis
29: Microsoft has a Podcasting Team
29: Sing, O Goddess, the Muse of Mashups
29: Where Does Fan Fiction End and Copyright/Trademark Begin?
29: The Handy, Everyday Wikipedia
29: Pop Rocks Patent
29: Saturated Product Placement on VOD
29: Probable FCC Commissioner has Close Ties to Senator Favoring Increased Censorship
29: No Cable HDTV for Microsoft for Now
29: Cell Phone Security Theatre
29: Questions for Congress
29: Darknet Interviews Andy Wolfe, Fomer CTO of ReplayTV
29: Censorship History Lesson at Film Forum
29: Maverick Movie Distribution
29: Thank You Anonymous Donor
28: Issues of Future Copyright
28: Rent-Seeking CEO Gives Donation to Politician Days Before Favorable Bill Introduced - 'No Coincidence' Says Senator
28: The Internet Routes Around Censorship, Even in France
28: Scoble on Improving RSS Newsreaders
28: Shifting Economics in the Demand Curve
28: Taking Public Transportation to the Next Level
28: Google Print Review
28: Fighting Lessig's Ghosts
27: TV Guide Podcasts
27: Don't You Just Hate That?
27: Exec. Dir. of Biblical Literacy Project Responds
27: Municiple Fiber in Burlington, VT
27: Audio Museum Annotation
27: Broadcast Flag Rears Its Ugly Head in DTV Transition Hearings
27: Google Print Goes Live!
27: Yahoo!'s Mindset
27: That THX Sound
27: Creative Commons Now Part of Yahoo! Search
27: The New Digital Divide
27: The Opening of the Frontier
27: The iTunes of Podcasting
27: The New Citizen Editors
27: Gillmor's Keynote to the World Editors Forum
27: More on Crypto and Criminal Evidence
27: Intel Embeds MS DRM Into New Chipset
27: Skype Spam
27: The Music Industry Will Continue to Suffer
27: More on Apple and Podcasting
27: Trademark Parody Okay Says South Africa's Constitutional Court
27: Coffeeshop Shuts Down Free WiFi on the Weekend: Mass Panic Results
27: Terrorism and Copyright Infringement
27: Ukraine Passes Internet Censorship Law
27: USA Today on Subscription Music Services
27: Ian Ayre's New Book: Optional Law
27: Whither the Moviegoer?
27: Gelernter Advocates Teaching the Bible as Literature: Good Idea, Too Bad That's Not What He Really Intends
27: Librarians Gone Wild (with Videogames)
26: Europe Awaits Grokster Decision
26: Knowing That You Changed Someone's Life: Priceless
26: Schools Required to Teach About the Constitution on Sept. 17
26: Whither Copyright in Canada?
26: Bizarre Settlement Possible in Music Club Infringement Case
26: Edelman on Adware/Spyware Intermediaries
26: All This Talk About Broadcasters Adopting Podcasting May Be Much Ado About Nothing
26: Nuanced View of Relevant Market in Antitrust Case
26: Telco Headed Down Wrong Path Says Netflix CEO
26: Lament of a Television News Cameraman
26: Looking Backwards and Forwards at 'We Media '
26: RIAA Sues Hundreds More - Including Internet2 Users
26: In Wake of Fed Raid on BitTorrent Site, Another Site Shuts Down on Its Own
26: First ABC, Then NBC, Now CBS Radio Podcasts
26: More on Apple and Podcasting
26: Three Questions for Kevin Drum: A Response From Me, Instead
26: Broadcast Flag Pro and Con in C|Net News
26: Digital Media Allows for More Complexity
26: Has BitTorrent Made a Major PR Blunder by Adding Search?
25: The Annotated AB450 - California's Latest Anti-Violent Videogame Bill is the Most Poorly Written Legislation I've Seen in a Long Time
25: US Soccer Starts Podcast
25: PaidContent Interviews Bernard Gershon
25: Podcasting a Threat to Audible.com
25: The Death of Podcasting?
25: Om Malik on Yahoo! Music
25: Restore the Old Republic
25: Whales are Masters of Remix Culture
25: Is a Website a Trade Secret?
25: Feds Take Down Elite Torrents, a BitTorrent Filesharing Site
25: Senate Judiciary IP Subcommitee Hearing On Int'l Copyright Infringement
25: Dear Clueless IP Lawfirms: USE RSS!
25: Madisonian Creative Commons
25: Virtual Worlds Fear Copyright Liability
25: Resurgence in Usenet Filesharing
25: Senate Hearing Today on 'Piracy of Intellectual Property'
25: Lessig: Living With Ghosts
25: Podcast Community/Conversation/Search
25: Copyright Infringement Insurance for Filesharing: An Idea Whose Time Has Still Not Come
24: Patry on the History Behind Luck's Music Library v. Gonzalez
24: Baudrillard and the Virtual Cow
24: Quality Can Be Found Anywhere on the Long Tail
24: Mere Presence of Encryption on PC Relevant to Criminal Acts
24: The MPAA's DVD Hardware Police
24: FOX Issuing Takedown Notices to Sith UPloaders
24: Reynolds to Neopets: Clean Up Your Act
24: Full Employment for Chilling Effects as BitTorrent Adds Search
24: Newspaper Restores Ability of Readers to Comment on Website
24: NBC News to Launch Numerous Hourly Podcasts
24: Bloggers Develop Organically
24: Pirates, Sharers, Traders and Hoarders
24: Mass. Considers Press Shield Law that Only Protects Big Media
24: The Superiority of Playlists to Channels
24: There Are Many Long Tails
24: ABC News to Start Podcast this Week
24: New Bill to Mandate DTV Transition by Jan 2009
24: Another Major Advertiser Demands Right to Preview Editorial Content
24: "Compatibility is Not a Goal" - Hollywood Execs
24: Google's Library Digitization Plan Runs Into Opposition
24: Building the Bottom Up from the Top Down
24: DC Circuit Rejects Challenge to Congress Removing Works from the Public Domain
24: Demogogic Congressman Says Comedian Verges on Treason, Wants Him Off the Air
24: Study: DVRs Too Hard to Use for Most
24: Boston Globe Writer Takes Journalists to Task in Apple Trade Secrets Case
24: MS to Lock Up Office Documents, Lock In Customers
23: This Anti-Creative Commons Rhetoric Goes to Eleven
23: Public Domain Enhancement Act Reintroduced
23: Piggy Bank = The Semantic Web?
23: Patry on Grokster
23: The Temptation of the Radio Station
23: Volokh Comments on Huffman Indecent Exposure Case
23: Felten on VoIP and 911
23: Framing Effects and Copyright
23: Highly Recommended: Tesseract: The Film
23: News Reports of the Obvious: Infringing Copies of Star Wars Film Available on the Internet
23: Lack of Convenience Leads to the Dark Side
23: Religious Bias and Romer v. Evans
23: Darknet: The Mini-Book, Week 2
23: Forrester on Podcasting
23: French Judges Say "Oui" to Filesharing
23: Someone Should Have a Talk with Dave Matthews
23: Morgan Stanley's Abusive Ad Contracts
23: Steve Jobs is Just Trying to Help (Take Freedom of Speech Away)
23: Using the Appropriate Technology for a Particular Goal
23: Newsweek on the Future of Television
22: Larry Lessig's Heroic Courage and Convictions
22: More Finkelstein on Censorware
22: Publication via BitTorrent Just Got Easier
22: Wax Cylinders Same as MP3s Says German Court
22: DRM Nightmare
22: The Problem With Journalism Is ...
21: Why Not Podcast DVS Television Audio?
21: Newspapers Ends Reader Comments on Website Stories
21: A Copyrighted Chicken, an Egg and Replacementdocs.com
21: NYT: For Further Reading
20: FCC Demands Enhanced 911 for VoIP in Next 120 Days
20: Paris Hilton's Sidekick Hacked - Social Engineering to Blame
19: Fan Films Screened at Cannes
18: Cory, Cory, Cory
18: Mark Cuban Forsees the (Almost) End of the RIAA
18: Life Imitates Sim City
18: Madisonian Copyright
18: The Internet of Video vs. IP-TV
18: Actors and Videogame Industry Headed for a Showdown?
18: The Varities of Crawford's Experiences
18: Broadcast Style Commericials Have Got to Go
18: Scalzi to Critics: Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a *#$#@
18: Internet TV as Collaborative Environment
18: Copyright Infringement in China and China's DMCA
17: The Populism of Blawgs
17: Freedom of Expression: Thank Skywalker!
17: JD Lasica's Darknet: The Mini-Book
17: More on "Making Available" and Patel's Napster Ruling
17: TV Guide Launches Four Short Form Internet Video Series
17: Hypocritical Tabloid Publisher Fails to Silence Former Employee
17: AOL Wants IM Integrated With Videogames
17: Ourmedia Surpasses 5,000th Upload Milestone
17: Common Carrier Would Keep Cable Companies from Blocking Competitor's Ads
17: Felten on the Copyright Office's Annual Report
17: The Ecology of the Buzzword
17: UCONN Survey on Freedom of the Press
17: Stakes in the Free Expression Business - Alternative Compensation Schemes Needn't be Free Expression
17: More Copyright Class in a Blog: Enumerated Powers Doctrine
16: Videogames and Libraries
16: Wasted Prosecutorial Resources in Copyright Infringement Case
16: Brand X Transcript and Thoughts on Common Carriage
16: Intelligent Design Theorist Removes Link to Critic (Me)
16: How Not to Launch a Podcast Radio Station
16: Free TiVo Market Research
16: NYT: We Don't Want People to Read Our Op-Ed Columnists
16: The New GateKeepers
16: 50 Films for $.055 Each
16: Videogame Law: The Blog
16: Geist on Canada's VoIP Ruling
16: Traditional Broadcast Radio Whistling in the Dark
16: Advertisers Should Be Pushing Broadcatch
16: Sales of DVD Recorders Increasing
16: It's Like a Copyright Class, Only It's a Blog
16: What TiVo People Know: A Modest Proposal
16: Feedburner and Yahoo! Media RSS
16: Technology Review's IP Issue
15: Toyota Goes With Sirius and Stern
15: NY Conference on Internet Television
15: Notes from the Planet Gallifrey in the Constellation Kasterborous
15: Dr. Lenz vs. Google
15: Weatherall on Copyright Exceptions Debate in Australia
15: Blankenhorn on Publishers' Ethics
15: Alarmism and a New Initiative from the Int'l Chamber of Commerce
15: WiPhishing: New Type of Phishing Attack
15: Volume Production of ePaper on the Way?
15: Making Canadian Copyright Available
15: Privacy Experts Provide Increased Privacy Suggestions
15: This is Harry Shearer, Huffington Post
15: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Infringement
15: Gov't Censorship Spurs Copyright Infringement in China
14: Three Senior Editors of LinuxWorld Magazine Resign
14: Ode to Analog Copy Degradation
14: Godwin: Pyhrric Victory? I Don't Think So
13: Jeff Jarvis Meets Michael Powell
13: CoCo: German Court Approves Printer Levy
13: Techdirt: MS's IP Propaganda Contest
13: No Gay Books For Kids or No $ Says OK Legislators to Librarians
13: CoCo: Anti-DMCRA Spin
13: Michigan Court of Appeals Returns to 1950s in Free Speech Ruling
13: Seth Finkelstein on SafeBrowse
13: Evolutionary Chilling Effects
13: John Hiler: Death of Hierarchical Folders
13: Scoble: No RSS = Lame
13: The Register Takes Cheap, Homophobic Shot at Hilary Rosen
13: New Distribution System for Automobiles
13: Doctorow on Proposed Broadcast Flag Legislation
13: Legacy Contracts Hinder Broadcast Evolution
13: WSJ: Newspapers Turning to Podcasts
13: Flickr Used by Spanish Newspaper
13: Schneier on Spam Basics
13: Gov't Doesn't Want to Tax Certain Nevada Industry
13: GPS-Guided Audio Tours Launched in Montgomery, AL
13: St. Lawrence Univ. Abuses Copyright to Uncover Anonymous Bloggers
12: Adobe's Digital Media Store Crippled by DRM and High Prices?
12: Patently-O: Two Briefs Supporting Cert on Patent Obviousness Case
12: Copyright Office Issues Orphan Works Reply Comments, Joe Gratz Summarizes
12: Consumer Reports: Filtering Software Getting Better But Still Far From Perfect
12: Judge Patel Shoots Down Notion That the Right of Distribution Includes "Making Available"
12: Yahoo! Sued Over Child Porn Web Group
12: How to Make a Commercial on DVD
12: The Growing Censorship Threat
12: No Sirius Please, We're Hyundai
12: Internet-to-TV Progressing
12: Translation of French Decision Making DVD DRM Illegal
12: Felten on RFID on DVD
12: MPAA Shopping Draft Broadcast Flag Legislation
12: MPAA Goes After Television BitTorrent Tracking Sites
12: Borrowing a Page From Lysenko, Intelligent Design Theorist Demands Gov't. Hearings
12: Schaumann on Direct Infringement in P2P
12: Smithsonian Reluctant to Allow Free WiFi on the Mall
12: Broadband to the Home Via Natural Gas Pipelines?
12: Periodical Fires Push Pollster
12: DS/SF/FvL Copyfight Debate Continues
12: Nesson's Grokster Manifesto
11: Lysenko's Intelligent Design
11: Self-Replicating Robots Advance
11: Fred von Lohmann Responds to Derek Slater
11: Citizens' Media Weekend
11: You're In the Movie!
11: DRM: Who Do You Trust More?
11: Finkelstein and Slater Followups
11: Hilary Rosen Flashback
11: Legal to Sell the Movie, But Not the Videogame
11: Media Navel Gazing
10: Networks Creating Broadcatch Friendly Content - But Cellphones Only, Please
10: The FCC, Up-to-Date As Usual
10: That Darn Constitution
10: Podhoretz: Mass Media Meltdown
10: Trusted Computing Video Standard Moves Forward
10: If the Content is Free, Why Use Cable?
09: Whither the Fourth Pillar of Fair Use
09: Should Copyright Distinguish Between Parody and Satire?
09: The New Normal: Why Content and Distribution Should Be Separate
09: Zealous Advocacy vs. Unprincipled Hacks
09: LA Times: Feds Reluctant to Prosecute Infringing Downloaders
09: There Is More Than One Way to Achieve the Broadcast Flag
09: Slater Defends the Middle Ground in the Copyfight
09: Hilary Rosen Laments Apple's DRM Strategy
06: Victory in Broadcast Flag Case! FCC Has No Authority Says Court
04: Star Trek and Pedophilia Claim Followup
03: Yahoo! Group Disappears Into the Ether ...
02: Opening Networks to Censorship in Order to Keep Them Closed

April 2005
28: LA Times Claim About Pedophiles Wrong
08: Copyright Infringement Possibilities for Liquid Lenses
07: Distribution Loophole in Capital Records v. Naxos?
07: Hal Varian on Grokster
06: Looking at the College Market
06: C|Net on Possible Judicial Inducement Test
06: Videogame Golf, Copyright and Drunken Bar Patrons
06: Just Before Death Pope Endorsed Citizens' Media
06: The Countdown for the Extinction of Kiosks has Already Started
05: New York - Common Law Copyright Protects 50-Year Old Sound Recordings
05: 1TB 3.5" Hard Drives in 2007
05: Al Gore's New Television/Internet Hybrid
05: Criminal Penalties for Indecency on Cable?
05: PBS - The Non-Public Gatekeeping Service
05: Replacing New Commercials for Old
05: Comcast Chief: PSP is the new DVR
05: New York Times on Growing Interest in Satellite Radio
01: Cory Doctorow Issues DMCA Notice and Takedown to BoingBoing Parody Site
01: More Honest Pirates

March 2005
31: Report from Down Under on Kazaa Lawsuit
31: Tina Brown Bemoans Death of Quality Broadcast Television News
31: Wall Street Journal on Silicon Valley Political Mindset
31: Jeff Jarvis Defines Journalism as a Verb
31: Department of Useless Technology - "Start Over"
30: Don't Ignore Brand X Case
30: Remind Me of the Reason for the DMCA Again?
30: More Editorial Board Takes on Grokster
28: New FCC Head Wants More Indecency Regulation - Including Cable, Satellite
28: Microsoft Cozying Up to Washington Regulators
28: Feds Adopt Distributed Computing
28: New York Times Editorial Board Blows It on Grokster
21: Bloggers are Journalists: The Down Side
18: How Much Torture Before Execution is Too Much Torture?
15: Slate Induces Copyright Violations
14: A Proper Press Shield Test: Publication or Intent to Publish, Period
10: Creator of the Video Rental Store Dies
10: How Polarized is the Political Blogosphere?
08: Is Arizona's Counterfeiting Law Unconstitutional or Preempted?
08: Press Shield Laws Defend Democratic Culture in Trade Secret Cases
07: Regulation of Indecency on Cable/Satellite May Be Constitutional
03: Honest Pirates?
02: The Future of Broadcast Censorship?
02: Business Model Incentives and the Grokster Amicus
01: Free Speech Perfidy at the FCC, Once Again

February 2005
28: Open Access to Law Reviews Blog
28: An Engine of Censorship
08: Journalists Going "Off the Record"
08: One Way the Right of Reproduction Screws Things Up
06: It's Not the Offensiveness, Stupid

January 2005
20: Public Relations has Ethics? Who Knew?
20: Elvis Still Number One in UK
20: Self-Help in the Seat Rental Business
19: Greece Upset by US Indecency Regulations
18: Television Networks as Empire
17: NY Times on CBS DRM
17: Freedom of the Press Belongs to Those Who Own Servers
17: Filtering Television
17: Corporate Trade Barriers to World Trade
14: CBS Report Panel Endorses "View From Nowhere"
13: CBS Changes Report File: Cut-n-Paste Now Prohibited
12: The People Who Owned the Bible - a story
11: Omissions and Other Critiques of the CBS News Report
11: How Does Dan Rather Define "Responsible"?
10: Why Does CBS News President Andrew Heyward Still Have His Job?

December 2004
16: Who'd Buy the Public Domain for a Dollar?

November 2004
09: The Server in the Closet Gets a Little Closer to Reality
09: Announcing the Future of Digital Media Series
08: Bloggercon IV: In the Heart of the Beast?
08: Will the Networks Promote TiVo "Permalinks"?
07: BitTorrent Cease and Desists
06: Journalists, Publishers and Blogging
06: Podcasts in Videogames
06: Attention Scarcity and Podcasting/Broadcatching
05: Stop the State AG's From Supporting Grokster Cert
04: MPAA Wields Stick Against Filesharers - Forgets Carrot
04: The Importance Of ... Law and IT: Bnetd and Lexmark
04: Whither the Press?
03: Toychinima?

October 2004
12: Regulate Speech or Free It? Responding to Sinclair Broadcast Group's Decision to Air Anti-Kerry Film
12: Congressional Copyright Shenanigans Finished (For Now)
08: MPAA/RIAA Files Petition for Cert in Grokster Case
08: Copyright Shenanigans Not Over in Congress - Piracy Education Act Dangerous
07: Final INDUCE Act (IICA) Draft From Copyright Interests - INDUCE Dead for Now
07: No INDUCE Act (IICA) Markup Tomorrow?
06: Sen. Hatch Pushing INDUCE Act (IICA) Forward Despite No Consensus? Plus, CDT Speaks Out
06: Technology and Consumer Groups Oppose INDUCE Act (IICA) Markup
06: Media Appearance - Tammy Bruce Radio Show
06: Secret INDUCE Act (IICA) Negotiations Fail!
05: NC-17 for Marionette Movie?
05: Fox News Correspondent Cameron's Foul Up
05: Journalism's True Enemies
04: Rumors Continue to Fly Around New INDUCE Act (IICA) Draft
04: FCC Announces DTV Consumer Education Initiative - Forgets to Mention Broadcast Flag
04: Is There a New INDUCE Act (IICA) Draft?
01: Burning the Midnight Oil to Create a New INDUCE Act (IICA)
01: Major DMCA/EULA Loss - District Court Clueless in BNETD Case

September 2004
30: "All-Star" Drafting Team to Create New INDUCE Act (IICA) by Close of Business Tomorrow
30: Report from the INDUCE Act (IICA) "Negotiations"
30: Content Industries Meet with Sen Hatch Prior to INDUCE Act (IICA) "Negotiation"
29: INDUCE Act (IICA) Massive Negotiation Session Tomorrow
29: INDUCE Act (IICA) Continues to Threaten
29: Intellectual Property PAC Launches
28: Doc Searls on the iPod Platform
24: Staff Draft of INDUCE 2.0
23: CBS Investigation Will Look Into Stonewalling
23: FCC's Janet Jackson Ruling Wildly Inconsistent
23: The Importance of ... Law and IT: The INDUCE Act 2.0
22: CBS Investigation Only on Process to Broadcast - Not Stonewalling
22: Incompetent AND Unethical: The Story of CBS News' Response to Criticism of the Killian Memo Forgeries - Part Two
22: Incompetent AND Unethical: The Story of CBS News' Response to Criticism of the Killian Memo Forgeries - Part One
21: CBS News Producer Contacted Kerry Aide Lockhart Before Show Aired
20: Rather's Statement
20: This Isn't About Dan Rather, It Is About CBS News
19: The Fingerpointing Has Begun at CBS
18: Real Time Fact Checking
17: Incompetent or Unethical? The Story of CBS News' Response to Criticism Over the Killian Memos
17: Broad Coalition of Organizations Calls for More INDUCE Act (IICA) Hearings
16: A Preponderance of Misdirection and Lack of Transparency
15: Where is the Transparency? - Crisis of Integrity Continues at CBS
15: Rather Shows He is Unfit for Journalism
15: Crisis in Journalism
14: CBS Memo Defense: Richard Katz Is Wrong About Ones and Els
10: Copyright Office Report on INDUCE Act (IICA) Complete But Not Yet Public
10: Hatch's Hit List #45 - MIT's I/O Brush
09: TiVo plus Netflix =! Broadcatching
09: Hatch's Hit List #44 - Broadcatching
08: Call Congress on Sep. 14 - SaveBetamax.org
08: Viewing Commercials on TiVo
08: INDUCE Act (IICA) Response to Copyright Office "Discussion Draft" and Other News
08: The Importance Of ... Law and IT: Garage Doors and the DMCA
08: Hatch's Hit List #43 - Large Portable Hard Drives (and Mark Cuban)
07: Hatch's Hit List #42 - Microsoft Music
03: Hatch's Hit List #41 - iPodder
03: The Importance Of ... Law and IT: Apple v. Real v. Microsoft
02: Copyright Office Produces 'Discussion Draft' Alternative to INDUCE Act (IICA)
02: Chamberlain v. Skylink in the Court of Public Opinion
02: Hatch's Hit List #40 - DEF CON
02: A JibJab Coda
01: The Copyrightability of Messages from Extraterrestrials
01: More on the "Don't" INDUCE Act (IICA) from Some New Suspects
01: Hatch's Hit List #39 - Peer-to-Peer Software Development Kits
01: Commentaries on the Federal Circuit's Skylink Decision
01: Landmark Federal Circuit Decision in Skylink Case Creates DMCA Balancing Test
01: Game Consoles and VoIP

August 2004
31: Broadcatching Roundup - TV Stations Now Unnecessary and Other News
31: The INDUCE Act (IICA) and the Analog Hole
31: City of Heroes and Machinima
31: Hatch's Hit List #38 - Mediatrips
31: XM Radio's Stockholm Syndrome
31: Oddworld Creative Director on the Possibilities of Machinima
31: Voicemail over IP is the New Postcard
30: Thierer Beats the Devil
30: The Great Wikipedia Authority Debate
30: Once Upon a Time Martha Graham Had an Employment Agreement
30: Broadcatching Roundup: iPodder Opportunities, the Death of Radio, and an Enclosure Debate
30: INDUCE Act (IICA) Monday Morning Roundup - 30 Aug 2004
30: Copyright Permissions and Kinko's
30: INDICARE Summarizes JibJab Saga
30: Hatch's Hit List #37 - FeedBurner
30: The Google File System
30: Explain to Me Again Why We Need the Broadcast Flag Treaty
27: Hatch's Hit List #36 - JANE Magazine
27: The Best of Me on the INDUCE Act (IICA) and Other News
27: Confusing the No-Fly List
26: Little-Known Anti-Pornography Statute Threatens Free Speech
26: (Don't) INDUCE Act (IICA) Round-up and Other News
26: Hatch's Hit List #35 - Email Forward Function
26: The INDUCE Act (IICA) - Inducing Foreign Scientists Away From Our Shores
26: Ludlow Got Some Concessions in JibJab Case
26: Introducing: The Importance Of ... Audio Edition
26: Broadcatching on the iPod Platform
25: JibJab Aftermath
25: Hatch's Hit List #34 - Instapundit
25: JibJab Case Settled - Official
24: 'Don't Induce Act' - an Alternative to the INDUCE Act (IICA) and Other News
24: Hatch's Hit List #33 - Flickr
23: INDUCE Act (IICA) Interview (with me) and Other News
23: Videogame Character Bears All in Playboy - No, Seriously
23: JibJab Complaint Now Available - Misuse of Copyright Claimed
23: Hatch's Hit List #32 - Online Ad Publishers
21: Rumor Mill: JibJab Settles Copyright Lawsuit - Complete Victory!
20: Apple vs. Real: The Debate Continues
20: INDUCE Act (IICA) Roundup - Foreign Publications Edition (and CNN)
20: Hatch's Hit List #31 - Replica Prop Forums
19: Grokster Wins Big in 9th Circuit
19: Hatch's Hit List #30 - XM Radio to MP3
18: Calif. Legislature Passes Requirement that Retailers Post Video Game Ratings
18: The NY Times Against the INDUCE Act (IICA) and a News-Leader Op-Ed
18: Hatch's Hit List #29 - SourceForge
18: Senators Put Copyright Office in Charge of Finding INDUCE Act (IICA) "Consensus" by Sep 7
17: Hatch's Hit List #28 - Credit Card Companies
16: New Bizzness Law Blawg
16: Rumors of SHA-1 Vulnerability
16: Two Short Editorials on the INDUCE Act (IICA)
16: Hatch's Hit List #27 - DVD Jon's AirPort Express Hack
13: Broadcatching Roundup - Friday the 13th Edition
13: OutragedModerates.org - New and Improved
13: INDUCE Act (IICA) Roundup - Friday the 13th
13: Hatch's Hit List #26 - Player Pianos
12: Hatch's Hit List #25 - EFF's Digital Front of Television Liberation
11: Hatch's Hit List #24 - US Postal Service
10: Hatch's Hit List #23 - Email to RSS
09: The Future of Music Coalition Against the INDUCE Act (IICA)
09: The INDUCE Act (IICA) Harms National Security
09: Hatch's Hit List #22 - Torrentocracy
08: Cultural Protectionism, Copyright and Filesharing
07: Does the FCC Want Out of the Copyright Regulation Business?
06: Woody Guthrie's Granddaughter on JibJab Controversy
06: News Should be Objective and Impartial According to Our Standards - US Lawmakers Threaten First Amendment Rights
06: Tim Wu's INDUCE Act (IICA) Alternative
06: Internet Archive Game Videos Section Now Available
06: Hatch's Hit List #21 - TiVo to Go
06: State AGs Warn Filesharing Companies: Your Technology Too Dangerous!
05: The Future of Copyright, the Future of Technology
05: FCC Bestows Its Blessing on Technological Innovation
05: JibJabapalooza 3
05: Hatch's Hit List #20 - P2P Congress
05: States Warn Email Providers
04: One Way Darknets Are Vulnerable
04: "We the Media" Book Review
04: P2P = Patriot to Patriot
04: Hatch's Hit List #19 - Battle Torrent
04: DMCA Executioner Strikes Again, Prepares for Next Victims
03: Online Comic Artist Reveals Comic Syndicates Wear No Clothes
03: Department of Ooops: Apple FairPlay Edition
03: A Copyright Fable Relevant to the INDUCE Act (IICA) and Other News
03: Arlo Guthrie on JibJab Parody: An "Incredibly Wonderful Bit of Hilarity"
03: Hatch's Hit List #18 - Universal Turing Machine
02: The Presidential Election, Copyright, INDUCE Act (IICA) and Tech Policy
02: Higher Education Groups Oppose INDUCE Act (IICA)
02: Will Real's DRM Strategy Succeed? Signs Point to "No"
02: Hatch's Hit List #17 - Cellphones with Hard Drives

July 2004
31: JibJab Does File Lawsuit - "This Land" a Fair Use Parody
31: JibJab Files Lawsuit for Right to Distribute Parody?
30: Hatch's Hit List #16 - The New York Times
30: Better Tape Delay the Political Conventions
30: Optimal Level of DRM for Music Downloads = 0
30: JibJabapalooza 2
29: Alcohol Ads in Univ. Newspapers Legal Says Third Circuit
29: JibJabapalooza
29: Apple Gets Real Serious About Harmony
29: INDUCE Act (IICA) Press Roundup - 29 July 2004
29: EFF Defends JibJab Animation as Parody
29: Why Who Can Sue Under the DMCA is Important
29: Hatch's Hit List #15 - Ringtone Remixers
29: Fair Use, Normal Use, Competive Use and the INDUCE Act (IICA)
28: FCC Launches Inquiry Into Violence on Television
28: Are TV Networks "Inducing" Infringement by Promoting JibJab?
28: Can Real Sue Apple Under the DMCA?
28: Broadcatching Roundup - 28 July 2004
28: P2P Problem or Security Issue?
28: Hatch's Hit List #14 - Deepnet Explorer
28: Brief INDUCE Act (IICA) Roundup - 28 Jul 2004
27: Barbie on the INDUCE Act (IICA): From My Cold, Plastic Hands, Senator Hatch
27: RIAA Subpoenas for John Does Valid
27: INDUCE Act (IICA): Every New Feature Could Trigger Lawsuits
27: Hatch's Hit List #13 - Disaster Relief Communication Systems
27: Can Copyright Holders Sue Real for Converting Files from Helix DRM to FairPlay DRM?
27: Parody or Satire? iRaq Posters, JibJab Animation, Fuse's Silhouette Ads
26: Les Vadasz on the INDUCE Act (IICA): A Bill That Chills
26: Entertainment Atty Rips INDUCE Act (IICA): Not Good For Artists
26: What Real's Hacking of FairPlay Doesn't Do
26: Hatch's Hit List #12 - FreeCache
26: Ernest Miller's Draft Substitute for the INDUCE Act (IICA) v2.0
25: Claim of Libel Threat is Made - No One Bothers to Check if it is True
25: Department of Pretentious Bullshit
24: Ernest Miller's Draft Substitute for the INDUCE Act (IICA)
23: Sen. Coleman Opposes INDUCE Act (IICA)
23: Sen. Hatch's Shifting Rhetoric in Favor of the INDUCE Act (IICA)
23: Hatch's Hit List #11 - Virtual Jigsaw Puzzles
23: Shredding the INDUCE Act (IICA) - CEA, IEEE-USA, NetCoalition
23: Backing Away from the INDUCE Act (IICA)
22: Book Review: The Anarchist in the Library
22: Felten's INDUCE Act Hearings Blog Party
22: Copyright Office on INDUCE Act (IICA): It isn't Strong Enough
22: Hackers, Lawyers, Society and the INDUCE Act (IICA)
22: Consumer Groups Issue Statement Against INDUCE Act (IICA)
22: INDUCE Act (IICA) Press Roundup - Pre-Senate Hearing
22: Hatch's Hit List #10 - 3D Scanners
21: Fmr Intel VP and CEI Oppose INDUCE Act (IICA)
21: Technorati Goes to the Democratic National Convention
21: The Cathedral, the Bazaar and Art
21: FCC Roundtable on Regulating the Internet
21: The Flip Side of Censorship - Mandatory "Good" Speech
21: Hatch's Hit List #9 - Darknets
21: Number of Co-sponsors for INDUCE Act (IICA) Growing
20: Witness List for INDUCE Act (IICA) Senate Hearing Now Available
20: Hatch's Hit List #8 - Worth1000 Photoshop Contests
20: Outragedmoderates.org - Not the Most Impressive Use of P2P
20: 2Michael P. - Answer the Tough Questions
20: Would You Like Some Surveillance with that Pizza?
19: On Walden, Continued
19: The Morality of Code
19: Some of the Background of the INDUCE Act (IICA)
19: Hatch's Hit List #7 - VoIP
18: P2P Company Interviewed Re: INDUCE Act (IICA) -- More on RIAA Letter
18: Mernit on Improving Online News Coverage - Some Responses and the Citizens' Media Press Pool Fund
17: The Next Generation of Journalists Will Start as Bloggers
17: Hearings to be Held on INDUCE Act (IICA)
16: Washington's Violent Videogame Law Held Unconstitutional
16: Hatch's Hit List #6 - Legos
16: The INDUCE Act (IICA) and Tertiary Liability
15: On the Burden of Persuasion for the INDUCE Act (IICA)
15: Hatch's Hit List #5 - Automatic Online Translators
15: Movie Studios Cooperate with Broadcast Censors
15: On Reporting Press Releases, Statements, Etc.
15: FCC Chairman Powell on Indecency at Always On
14: The Abridged RIAA Letter on the INDUCE Act (IICA)
14: The Excessively Annotated RIAA Letter on the INDUCE Act (IICA)
14: Hatch's Hit List #4 - Arcade Emulators
14: New DRM Coalition to Raise Barriers to Entry for Competitors
14: Does Audible Magic Violate Wiretap Laws?
14: Bill Gates: DVDs Soon to be Obsolete
14: Prosumer Camcorder Will Help Lead Content Revolution
13: 24/7 Internet Coverage of Political Conventions
13: New Technology Can Thwart Child Pornographers Without Inhibiting Free Expression
13: Destroying Some Artists so that Others Might Live
13: Not Much INDUCE Act (IICA) News
13: Hatch's Hit List #3 - AM/FM Transmitters
13: The Living Room Candidate - Not a Creative Commons
13: The Right to Hire an Attorney at an Academic Press
13: Outfoxed Rope-a-Dope Begins?
12: The INDUCE Act (IICA) and the Safe Harbor Provisions of the DMCA
12: Who Can Sue Who Under the DMCA?
12: A Few Columns on the INDUCE Act (IICA)
12: Complaints About the Used Book Market - Again
12: Hatch's Hit List #2 - 3D Printers
12: Digital Millennium Competition Avoidance (DMCA)
12: Comic Book Free Expression
12: On Walden
11: Guerrilla Documentary Copyfighting
10: Happy Birthday LawMeme!
10: Content Subscription Shenanigans
09: No Guarantees with Content Subscriptions
09: Introducing Hatch's Hit List
09: Are the Opponents of the INDUCE Act (IICA) Claiming that the Sky is Falling?
09: FCC Chairman Powell Has a Blog - No, Seriously
08: FCC: F-Word May Still Be Used, But We Won't Explain When
08: LA City Council Votes to Regulate Cybercafés
08: INDUCE Act (IICA) Press Roundup - July 8, 2004
08: Microsoft is the Ogrethulu
08: The INDUCE Act (IICA) - Putting the Pornography Industry in Charge
07: FCC to Require Broadcasters to Retain Copies of Broadcasts for 60-90 Days
07: Lessig on Hollaar's "Sony Revisited" and the INDUCE Act (IICA)
07: Rosen and Hodder on Blogging, Political Conventions, and Journalism
07: TiVo vs. Media Center Edition vs. INDUCE Act (IICA) vs. Broadcast Flag
07: Filtering Out Blogs
06: Many Organizations Sign on to Letter Requesting INDUCE Act Hearings
06: Why I Support New DRM Standard for Oscar Screeners
06: Opposition to INDUCE Act (IICA) Getting Mainstream Press - Bill Still Moving Through Senate Quickly
06: The INDUCE Act (IICA) and the Broadcast Flag
06: Quote of the Day: Telecom and DRM Edition
06: The Debate Over Free Information 100 Years Ago
05: Album Sales Increase, P2P Blamed
05: Opposition to Violent Videogames Continues
05: Defending Civil Liberties Shortly After 9/11
02: 500 Channels with Nothing On? Nah - No Channels At All
02: Quote of the Day: Music Pricing Edition
02: SPAM: New and Improved with More Varieties Than Before!
02: The INDUCE Act (IICA) and the Notice and Takedown Provisions of the DMCA
02: Major Broadcast Networks to Decrease Convention Coverage - Author Experiences Schadenfreude
02: E-Mail Wiretap Decision: Out of the Wiretap Frying Pan, Into the Copyright Fire
01: Everybody* Should See This Film (*Age 17 and Below Must Be Accompanied by a Parent or Guardian)
01: FCC to Fine Only Viacom for Broadcasting Indecency - Why?

June 2004
30: Roland Emmerich: Copyright Pirate?
30: INDUCE Act (IICA) = Patent Extortion, but for Copyrights?
30: Quote of the Day - CD Burner INDUCE Act (IICA) Edition
30: Study Finds Americans Opposed to RIAA Suing Direct Infringers - INDUCE Act (IICA) Supporters Cheer
30: The INDUCE Act (IICA) and the Anti-Circumvention Provisions of the DMCA
29: First Thoughts on Ashcroft v. ACLU
29: The INDUCE Act and the Right to Prepare Derivative Works
29: Supporting the INDUCE Act
28: Go Ahead with the INDUCE Act - A View from Overseas
28: End-to-End Must Die So that National Security May Live
28: FCC's Adelstein on the Need to Protect the Children With Regard to DTV
28: Hollywood to Kerry: Here's $5Mill
28: INDUCE Act + Broadcast Flag Treaty = ???
28: Prove DRM Works - Eliminate the DMCA
27: Prosecutors Threaten Child Porn Legal Defender
27: Crawford on the INDUCE Act: Not With a Sledgehammer, But a Stiletto
27: Quote of the Day: Legal Programming Edition
27: PIRATE Act + INDUCE Act = ???
25: EFF's Mock INDUCE Act Lawsuit
24: The Obsessively Annotated Introduction to the INDUCE Act
23: Pro-DMCA Forces Strike Back
23: Happy Birthday Alan Turing!
23: Selling the Public Domain Short
23: Why the RIAA Should Continue to Sue Filesharers
23: Jarvis Decries Increased Indecency Fines; Other Media Silent
23: A Logical DRM Speedbumps Strategy
23: DRM and Darknets: A Response to Brad Hutchings
22: Potemkin Village - What Secrets DRM Encryption is Really Hiding
22: Michael Moore - Free Expression Hypocrite
22: Anti-DMCA Personal Technology Freedom Coalition to Launch
22: The Constitution According to Bush
22: Metaphors Gone Wild: On Pies, Ships, Regressive Taxes, DRM and Microsoft
21: Who is Bullying Who?
21: Blogging the Political Conventions
21: Froomkin on Supreme Court Cases to Watch
19: Volokh on the Future of Virtual Pr0n
18: Microsoft - Marketplace of Ideas Only for the US, Not Brazil
18: WSJ - Religious Insufficiently Patriotic Unless God Mentioned
15: True Patriots Recite the Preamble
11: Welcome Howard Stern Fans!
11: Valve Bullys Cybercafé
10: FCC "Responds" on Lack of Profanity in Clear Channel Consent Decree
10: Michael Powell's FCC Star Chamber
10: Where's the Profanity?
09: Re-Charter the FCC, Don't Abolish It
09: Broadcatching as Political Reform
09: Broadcatching Roundup - RSS v Syndication, RSS Radio and More
08: Kerry "Clarifies" His Straddle on Free Speech - Seeking "Middle Ground"
08: Mend the FCC, Don't Abolish It
08: BlogOn
04: Opponents of Cable Indecency Regulation
04: Attacking Violence on Television
03: Broadcatching, the Future of Television News and the Death of Chattering Monkeys
02: Significant Procedural Victory in Broadcast Flag Lawsuit
02: Organized Crime to Take Over Spam?
01: Media and Government Partnering for Emergencies - An Innovative Proposal
01: Microsoft Extends Software Support; Intuit Forces Obsolescence

May 2004
28: Who Says Videogames Aren't Political Speech?
28: Every PC a Server
28: They Fuck You Up, The F-C-C; They May Not Mean To But They Do
27: Advice for TiVo
27: Slate's Celebrity Playlist Article Misses Real Story
27: Marketing Media@Home
26: Execute Those Criminals in Steve Landsburg's Social Stratum
26: China Pushing Digital Set Top Boxes
26: FCC Indecency Crackdown Kills Live Shows at College Radio Station
26: Video Playlists
26: The Network Television
26: Violence is the New Profanity?
26: Broadcast Flag Quote of the Day
25: FCC Requests Comments on a la Carte Cable Subscriptions
25: Virtual Drugs in Virtual Worlds
24: Disney and the Pope in Agreement: Free Speech Too Dangerous
24: Is the FCC the Appropriate Agency to Regulate Speech?
21: Practical Memetics - The Science of Pornography Addiction and the First Amendment
17: Yet Another FCC Decision Regarding the Pulling Capacity of the Penis
17: Misleading DMCA Article
17: Public Profanity vs Broadcast Profanity
10: Attending E3
06: Cuz, You Know, They Said They Would Take Their Ball and Go Home
06: How to Heckle Veto the News
05: When is Indecency Regulation "Censorship"?
04: FCC Receives Numerous Complaints About Oprah Show
04: Darknet - The Blog, the Wiki, the Book

April 2004
30: F*cked by the F*CC
28: The Broadcast Flag vs. Indecency Enforcement
27: Crippled External Hard Drive for DVRs
23: A New Pentagon Papers Case - Newspapers, Blogs and the Diebold/Jones Day Memos
15: FCC: Notice of Inquiry: Broadcast Flag for Digital Radio
14: FCC's Latest Mancow Decision: Discrimination Due to Lack of Evidence
13: Howard Stern: Indecent But Not Profane
13: The FCC and Idiotic Idiot Box "Innovation"
12: Follow the (Political) Money - Use the Web
09: Steadicam for the Masses
08: Editing DVD Player on Sale Soon
07: The Broadcast Flag Treaty - Draft Available
06: Lynne Cheney, Feminist Hypocrite?
06: No Clever Name Comes to Mind for this RSS/BitTorrent/Broadcatching Roundup
06: Diagramming Indecent Language
05: A Fond Look Back at the Television Code of 1951
05: The Speech Powell Should Have Given on Indecency
01: FCC Commissioners - No Free Speech Please, We're Americans
01: Wal-Mart to Purchase Universal Music Group

March 2004
31: An Unenthusiastic Response to the Canadian Filesharing Decision
31: Alternative Compensation Systems and the Nielsens
31: Vignettes of Modern Life
29: RSS+BitTorrent in Action - Broadcatching Examples & Roundup
29: PIRATE Act - Wiretaps for Civil Copyright Infringement?
27: PIRATE Act Reveals Sen. Hatch as Strange Ally of Pornography Industry
26: TiVo's Quasi-New Extended Commercial Model
26: Divided 4th Circuit Invalidates Virginia's Internet Speech Regulation Statute
26: Newdow's Petard Paradox
24: Videogames Inspire Speedy Movie Zombies
24: RSS, BitTorrent, Broadcatching, Porn, Business Models, and Banned Music
23: Howard Stern Should Ask FCC: What is Profane?
23: RSSTV Emergency Broadcatching System
22: Broadcatching, RSS+BitTorrent Progress Report and Roundup
22: Outside the Creative Commons System
22: Minority Languages and Open Source
22: Copyfight - The Remix
19: FCC Revives Notion of the Profane
18: "True Name and Address" Bill for All Filesharers Introduced in Calif
18: Freedom of Speech as Distribution is a Good Thing
18: Broadcatching - The Good, the Bad, the Slashdot
17: Social Filesharing Networks Not So Social
17: Television's Pushme-Pullyu
17: Progress & Freedom Study is Anti-Progress
17: Security Know-Nothingism
16: RSS + BitTorrent Roundup - Broadcatching Isn't MS Active Channels
16: RIAA Monitoring BitTorrent?
15: RSS, BitTorrent and Broadcatching for Courts
15: Hey, Advertisers, Pay for My HDTV
15: Client-Side Remixing Conundrums
15: MP3 Player Dreams
15: A Race the FBI Can't Win: The Increasingly Asymmetric Costs of Wiretap Surveillance vs. Wiretap Avoidance
15: Republic.Press
13: Broadcatching Roundup
12: First Broadcatching App Available! (And Related News)
12: Ricin Patent Removed from PTO Database?
11: More Thoughts on EFF's Filesharing Plan
11: Library Surveillance in Garden Grove
11: Something's Gotta be Done About the Beatles
10: BitTorrent, RSS and Broadcatching, Catching On
10: Xerox PARC Founder George Pake (1924 - 2004)
10: Infoworld's RSS Tipping Point
10: Napster's New Music Delivery Service, Not So New, Not Efficient
10: FCC Indecency Rulings Politically Determined?
10: FCC Sued Over Broadcast Flag - Yay!
10: APEX's New Networked DVD Player
10: Why the ala Carte Music Model is Doomed
10: Dangermouse, the Jay-Z Construction Set and the Videogame Content Creation Model
10: Sen. Hollings Opposes Television/Flag Violence
09: Telecomm Regulation Encourages Media Consolidation
09: Information Cannot Be 0wn3d
09: Intel on the "Server in the Closet"
09: Technology Advances for "Server in the Closet"
09: Victory for EFF Creates Problems for EFF's Filesharing Solution
09: E Ink E Book Reader Soon
08: Klingon is Copyrighted
08: Berkman Center Should Talk to Shorenstein Center About DMCA
08: RSS + BitTorrent Announcement Soon?
06: Broadcatching - The Early Days
05: VoIP Hits Retail - Walmart Next?
05: If Marriage is for the Children, We Must Allow Gay Marriage
04: New Hacking Blog
04: Derek Slater Reports on Digital Music Forum
04: Employers Ripe for Filesharing Solution?
04: Court Using Linux Hears Lawsuit Claiming Linux Infringes Copyright
03: Audible Magic's Sleight of Hand
03: Avi Rubin's Day as an Election Judge
03: Broadcatching - Not Broadcasting
03: Happy 100th Birthday Dr. Seuss
02: Senator Advocates "Council of Decency"
02: BitTorrent + RSS = The New Broadcast
02: Lazy Database Protectors
02: Volokh's Amendment
01: Lessig on Eldred
01: Confusing DMCA "Database" Decision Not About Databases

February 2004
29: The Miller Marriage Amendment
28: A History Palette for Music
28: End of an Era
27: DeCSS Injunction Lifted in Trade Secrets Case
27: What Part of the First Amendment Don't You Understand?
27: Program My TiVo!
27: DMCA Decision on Databases
27: The Internet's Ragnarok?
27: The Anti-Miscegenation Amendment
26: Machinima and Games in Law School
26: Thoughts on the EFF P2P Solution White Paper
26: What is Marriage?
25: The "Moderate" Position on Gay Marriage
25: Why the FMA Would Be the Death of Marriage
24: Grey Tuesday
24: Constitutional Obedience in SF
19: Do Not Be Alarmed Citizen - The Computer is Your Friend
18: Speed Bumps on Your Car
18: Miller on Bernstein on Balkin on Free Speech
17: The Grey Album - No Copying Necessary
13: WIPO Honors Its Own - Valenti Gets Medal
13: Good News - MS Windows Source Code Leaked
12: DRM Dystopias on Parade
12: Extending the Broadcast Flag
12: Jim Griffin on the Future of Filesharing
11: RSS for TV, Music
11: I Have No Rights And I Must Scream
11: Collapsing Release Windows for Movies and DVDs
11: The Inefficiencies of Broadcast Television
09: New MS Windows! Now with less functionality!
09: P2P and Pornography: Cheap is More Convenient
07: Parody of a Parody
06: P2P Industry Association is Not Your Friend
05: Time for a Public Project Ocean
04: DRM - False Privacy Savior
03: Issue Ads and Responsibility
03: Janet, Justin and Michael Powell
02: CyberCafe Ordinance Decision - First Amendment Victory - Privacy Defeat

January 2004
27: Balkin on Sunstein, Blogging and Democracy
21: Comment Spam
21: Mix CD Starting Kit
21: To Save Copyright We Must Reform It
17: Pavolvich Free to Post DeCSS (Until Sued by MPAA, Anyway)
17: Fair Use, Free Use and Normal Use
16: Dress Warm in North Miami
16: Why Not Run Your Own Game Server?
16: A Brief Response to Susan Crawford
15: Book Publishing in Every School and Library
15: Hollywood Admits Third Screener Online
15: HP's Corporate Schizophrenia
14: Sen. Coleman to Convene P2P Summit
14: Advertising Keywords, Netscape, Playboy and Initial Interest Confusion
14: Twenty-one Oscar Screeners on the Internet?
14: Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watcha Gonna Do?
14: Another Screener on the Internet
13: Mod-Chipping Legal in Italy
13: DRM as Protectionism
13: Aimster Fails to Get Supreme Court Cert
13: Makers of Copy Protected CDs Engaged in Piracy
13: A Beam in Hollywood's Eye
09: HP Goes Off the Rails
08: Solum the First Amendment, Copyright and Originalism
08: Neat Devices with Terrible Names - 2004 Edition

December 2003
19: Verizon Wins Against DMCA Subpoenas
18: Napsterization: The Blog, Debuts
18: OpenOffice in More Government Shops
12: Fight the Broadcast Flag - Give TiVos as Holiday Presents This Year
11: Porn, Compulsories and Filtering
10: Technology Continues to Challenge Legal Regimes
10: Felten's Challenge on Compulsory Monitoring Schemes
01: 60 Million Moral Exemplars
01: C|Net News Speaks Out Against Open Access

November 2003
20: Hollywood == Tobacco Industry?
20: Slater Wins One @ Harvard
20: Pop-up Ad Firm WhenU.com Beats Preliminary Injunction Sought by Wells Fargo
20: iRATE Radio
20: Federal Courts Adopt Linux Backend
20: It's All About the Distribution, Stupid
20: It's Freedom of the Press, Stupid
19: ICANN Troubles
19: Forgotten Father of the World Wide Web
19: Miller to Deep: What Derek Said
19: Get 'Em While They're Legal
19: Kucinich Posts Diebold's E-Voting Memos
19: The End of the Beginning: The Death of MP3.com
19: Congratulations to Frank Field!
19: FCC Inconsistency on HDTV
18: Free Mickey: 75 Years of Indentured Servitude
18: Rep. Lofgren Castigates FCC over Broadcast Flag
18: Bundling Music with Cars
17: Joke Isn't That Funny
15: Second Life and Machinima
15: America's Army for Xbox?
14: Games as Speech
14: Blogging the State of Play
14: Century 21: Property, IP and Creativity in the Virtual World
14: Email Access and Me
14: New IP Rules for Second Life
12: TV Producers Take Heart - TiVo Addiction
12: Wash Post Confused by DMCA
11: 321 Studios to Support EFF
11: Search Engine Ad Control
11: Merriam-Webster Responds to McJob Controversy
11: Phone Number Portability for All Ordered by FCC
11: McWimps - Merriam-Webster Caving to McDonalds Threats
10: Slater on Napster at PSU - Round 2
10: TiVo w/DVD Burner Rocks
10: LA Times Analyzes MPAA's New Sue-Em-All Strategy
10: Sony Video iPod a Reality
10: Semper Fi - Happy 228th Marines!
10: Sony's CD DRM Makes a Comeback
10: Printed Porn Dying - Publishers Blame Old Models, Not Piracy
10: Fish Poachers and Digestible RFID
10: Slater's Civil Disobedience in the Harvard Crimson
09: America's Army 2.0 Released
09: NY Times Looks at Diebold
09: Madster Seeks Supreme Court Cert
09: Wash Post Columnist Rips Broadcast Flag
08: WW2 Metaphors for the Future of Telecom
08: McTrademark Follies
08: Linux Desktop in the Workplace
07: Motion Picture Studio Chiefs Want MPAA to Adopt Anti-File-Sharing Litigation Strategy
07: Copyright Scholar Ray Patterson has Passed Away
07: Proprietary Content a Deadend for WiFi Networks
07: The Grinch Who Stole Linux
07: Fight the Broadcast Flag! Use Spread Spectrum!
07: Desperate Music Industry Mergers
07: Notes on Napster's Matriculation at Penn State
07: Who is John Simpson? Journalism, Lawyers and Blogging
06: W3C Working Draft on Anti-Robot Tests
06: The Problem with Incompatible DRM
06: Advances in Portable Hard Drive Tech
06: Linux Boxes via Amazon only $199
06: The Television Tax - aka Broadcast Flag
06: Neat New Tool to Be Affected by Broadcast Flag
06: The iTunes Catalog is Cool
06: Longhorn and the Server in the Closet
05: Broadcast Flag's Impacts Felt Beyond Television
05: The FCC - Stupid or Dissimulators?
05: Peer to Peer a Boon to Child Porn Investigations
05: Broadcast Flag Loophole Watch - Manufacture for Export
04: FCC Mandates Broadcast Flag
04: Abusing Trademark to Control Searching
04: Beastie Boys Sampling Not Infringement
04: Siva Tracking Latest E-Vote News
04: Harvard's Unjust Application of the DMCA
04: EFF, Stanford Support Diebold Countersuit
04: Advertising Effectiveness and Media
03: Introducing Beloved Comrade Palladium

October 2003
31: An E-Voting Machine Goes "Boo!"
31: Independent Creation, the "Halloween" Mask and Classic Movie Makeup
31: Pumpkin Carving DRM
31: Knott's Pirates Offer a Solution to File Sharing
31: Happy Halloween, Nosferatu (No Thanks to Copyright)
30: The Future of Voicemail
30: Microsoft Overtures to Google
30: RIAA Now a Proponent of Rating and Filtering
29: Civil Disobedience to Diebold Moves onto P2P Networks
29: DMCA Exemption Rulemaking to be Challenged
29: Would We Still Have Libraries?
29: Props for Jack Valenti
29: Diebold Protest Growing
29: Blogger Fired for Security Violation
28: Diebold Countering Civil Disobedience with More Notice-and-Takedown Letters
28: Swarthmore's Professor Burke on the Diebold/Swarthmore Scandal
28: Ancillary Works on DVD DMCA Exemption Denied
28: Videogames Big in Baghdad
28: Fictional Quebecker Terrorists Out of Bounds
28: Google Investigating Book Search Feature
28: TiVo is Officially an Endangered Species?
28: Broadcast Flag Update - Some Success for Consumer Rights Groups
28: Volokh on Blogging and Libel
28: Consumer Electronics, Linux and the Broadcast Flag
28: This is not the Link You're Looking For
28: FCC Comments on Regulating Internet Explained
28: The VoIP Regulatory Debate Revealed
28: Next Gen DVD - Now Even Less Useful!
27: Copy Protection Robs the Future Deja Vu
27: You Want WiFi With Your Fries?
27: Microsoft to Apple: Vae Victis!
27: Diebold Filing False Notice-and-Takedown Claims?
27: Billions and Billions ... of Addresses
27: FCC to Regulate Whole Internet?
27: Fire Rages - Hundreds of Thousands Left Without Gov't
27: Microsoft DRM - Headaches to Come?
27: The Chronicle on the Swarthmore Controversy
27: DRM Companies Fund Felten's Attacks on DRM
27: Poor Traffic Light Engineering Practices
27: China to Regulate and Standardize "Troublesome" CyberCafes
27: Copyright Law Creates Analog Resurgence?
27: Swarthmore Civil Disobedience Campaign Growing
27: FCC to Regulate Routers - Critics of Broadcast Flag Get Mainstream Press
27: Alternate Reality Visions of the Computing Future from Microsoft
27: LAMP, MIT and Unintended Consequences
26: Politically Significant Trademarks in China
26: Symposium on Wearable Computers Highlights
26: Weather Report - Partly Smoky, Slight Chance of Ash Showers
26: Tauzin's MPAA a Lesser Threat
25: Electronic Civil Disobedience Spreads - Students from 8 Universities Participate
25: Finkelstein to Swarthmore - Don't Give in to Chilling Effects
25: Valenti Out - Tauzin In?
25: GPS Metadata and JPGS
25: GAO - Capitalism Good for Cable Companies
25: Another NY Times v Tasini? Amazon's Book Search Hits a Snag
25: California's Recommendations to Businesses on Privacy and Security
25: Defense Dept. Gung-Ho for RFID
24: Reimerdes and Linking Re: Swarthmore
24: California VoIP Regulation Update
24: The Birth of SAMBA
24: One Way Convergence "Loop" in NY Times
24: Your Friendly Neighborhood Electric IP Company
24: Cyber-Fatwa Against Hosting Matters?
24: These Facts © Major League Baseball 2003
23: Swarthmore Crackdown on Protesting Students Reaches New Low
23: The Fragility of Data
23: Looking into the Connected Future
23: Airline Security: Ineffectual As Usual
23: Free WiFi Makes Good Business Sense
23: VoIP Update - Int'l Regs, McLaughlin, Wash Post Summary
23: Swarthmore Actively Opposes E-Civil Disobedience Campaign
23: Microsoft Haters - MS Wants to Hear From You
22: Nittany Newspaper Nonplussed by File Sharing
22: Fucking-A: The Mainstreaming of an Expletive
22: Gator to World: Stop Calling Us Spyware or We'll Sue
22: Georgia (Telephones) On My Mind
22: Thanks for the Memories
22: Keep a Close Watch on Ex-Servicemen
22: FCC Heading Down Wrong Path on VoIP Regulation?
22: (Electronic) Civil Disobedience at Swarthmore
22: Camera Phone Backlash
22: Fly the Privacy Friendly Skies
22: Dell, Convergence and the Broadcast Flag
21: 1) Respond to Nonexistent Threat; 2) ... ; 3) Profit!
21: CDT's Broadcast Flag Report
21: FCC Foolishness on the Broadcast Flag
21: Dear Public Television - Thanks For Nothing!
21: Open Source Migration Guidelines from the EU
21: Schizophrenic Reporting from the Guardian
21: Announcing Gnomoradio
21: The Vonage Discussion Continues
21: Rep. DeGette Doesn't Get It
21: Victoria's Not-So-Secret
21: First Drugs, Now Textbooks - Parallel Import Trade Taking Off
20: Geist on Copyright Law Through Treaty
20: Copyright Liability Insurance: A Response to Dan Fingerman
20: Some Broadcast Flags are Better than Others (But None is Best of All)
20: IP Justice on IP in the Free Trade Area of the Americas Treaty
20: Miami Vice Just Won't Be the Same
20: Future of Digital TV Threatened By More Than Broadcast Flag
20: Copyright Liability Insurance for File-Sharers: An Idea Whose Time Has Not Come
19: Two Thumbs Up for the "Piracy Meter"
19: Endgames: Waco Resurrection Debuts
19: Yang Liwei © 2003 CNSA All Rights Reserved
19: RIAA Thrown Into Briar Patch
18: Telecomm Regulation Madness and Vonage
17: Dynamo - Social File Sharing in Public Spaces
17: Original Gummy Fish Not So Original
17: Microsoft on iTunes for Windows
17: Requiem for BountyQuest
17: Disbarring for Downloads
16: Nokia's All Seeing Eye(s)
16: Confusing P2P Pornography Arguments
16: House Adopts Microsoft Software "Solution"
16: The Public/Private Distinction in Gaming Servers
16: Famous Crypto Case Ends With Whimper, Not Bang
16: Broadcast Flag Rule by the End of the Month
15: TechTV to Violate DMCA?
15: SunnComm Brouhaha Continues
15: How the Future of File-Sharing Might Be Like Sex
15: Ethics and the BSA ... Inherently in Conflict?

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